At W.S. Benchmark we have a small electrical team but also work with other qualified experts to ensure that all your electrical needs are met. We coordinate your electrical requirements so you do not need to deal with multiple contractors.

Electricians Sydney

If you need the best electrical services Sydney has to offer, you can rely on W.S Benchmark. As a premium qualified commercial electrician, Sydney CBD locals can benefit from our range of services. We have a small team of highly qualified electricians to make sure all your electrical needs are met. We will coordinate all your electrical and building requirements to take the stress out of dealing with multiple contractors.

Electrical Services Sydney

No matter if you’re a CBD local or in the greater Sydney region, the team at W.S Benchmark are here to help you out. If you need to disconnect or move power outlets and switches, install a fuse box complete with new safety switch, move/remove walls, rewire your premises or require an experienced electrician familiar with the nuances of renovations, we have the skills, dedication and efficiency to get the job done.

Commercial Electrician Sydney CBD

We’ve built a reputation for our outstanding electrical services. Sydney locals can enjoy peace of mind knowing all of our work is up to code – we’re fully licensed in all our electrical work. Each of our commercial electricians are fully qualified, trained and accredited.
Contact W.S Benchmark today for top-of-the-line electrical services – our electricians strive to best in Sydney. Get in contact today by calling Wayne on 0417 249 228.